How Kanye West understood the millennial communication

We are just a few days ahead from Kanye’s still untitled album, and social medias are buzzing about West recent Twitter-feud with Wiz Khalifa. So why is this multimillionaire, father of two, still caring about a public argument ? Well, it seems to me that this is just one extra proof of Kanye new marketing and publicity strategy towards the millennials. Now let’s me explain how Kanye has already totally understood how to talk to this new generation.

Back in late 2015, Kanye made his memorable speech at the VMA where he decided to run for presidency in 2020. Beside that info, Kanye also suggested us that we needed to « listen to the kids » just like he has been doing for the past few years and it is working.

With a media-maniac extended family, Kanye has not only been introduced to social-media communication but also to the younger generation through Kylie and Kendall. With nearly 98 millions followers for just the two of them, they represent the millennials aka potential new Kanye’s fans.

Few months ago Kylie was still living at her mom’s house where Kanye happened to lived as well (while waiting for his house to be finished). So he must have hang out with Kylie’s friends a bit, observing what the new generation was about, how they communicate in an over-connected world. More recently Kanye did a fake Rollings Stones magazine cover shot by Tyler The Creator one of Kendall’s great friend and the leader of the Odd Future crew ( OFWGKTA).

copyright : Kanye at new year's eve with family and friends
copyright :
Kanye at new year’s eve with family and friends including Jaden Smith on the foreground

Indeed, Kanye might not have an insta account, nor a snapchat, but he doesn’t need to. Kanye has the kardashian/jenner platform to do so. The girls and their millions followers including paparazzi taking pictures of them wearing either yeezy boost, yeezy supply clothing and so on. Moreover, the girls all have specific audiences, from different age-range. Those fan-bases are definitely the ones willing to mimic their idols, by buying yeezy boost for example.

That multi-audience touching is key to West communication. If you look at the Yeezy collection’s first raw it was jetset-full with influencers who have been photographed, and talked about on media platforms. Thus he touched all these influencers’  followers from Beyonce’s to Anna Wintour’s, the show was one of the most talked about during fashion week. Obviously.

Without clearly stating it, Kanye has thus more than any rapper mastered the art of promotion in the XXIst era. He is promoting his work through other great influencers platforms but he is also personally on selected social media.

He recently updated his soundcloud, thus adapting to a new way of promoting music. He shared 3 songs of the upcoming album on it. Half-teasing, half looking for feedback, he found a way to give exclusive music to his fans, while appealing to the curiosity of the non-yeezy lover.

Yeezy is also a buzz-master, wether it was with the recent Wiz Khalifa buzz-feud or the Vogue US cover in 2014. He was then all over the news. But he also knows how to remain private he does not overshare. In fact he seems to be using the Daft Punk promotion style of remaining quiet on social media. He is so rare on Twitter that fans created the hashtags #KanyeTweeted.

So here he is, both cultivating the rareness and being unconsciously all over the place with his media-masters family’s and friend snapchat and instagram posts of him, Kanye is sure that all the generations know about him and what next project he is onto.

And if there is one thing that he has understood it’s that millennial want to feel closer to their idols and on top of it create conversations. Then you see Kim doing Twitter poll for Kanye album’s name, or Kanye’s friends snapchating directly from his studio-session.

We will see in the years to come if Kanye new communication strategy has succeeded, but one thing is for sure, Kanye has no fear to innovate wether it’d be in his art or in his own career management.



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